Feeling neglected?

I’m sure this blog is.  What a crazy week.  I know for a fact that I’m praying I survive through tomorrow, but there is a light at the end of that tunnel.  And I don’t think it’s a freight train.  (Can you guess the music reference there?)  Anywho, I’ve been knitting when I can.  Hubby had recording with the band he’s in on Saturday and they are all thrilled with how it sounds.  Hopefully, that album will be released in June.  I will let everyone know when I know more.  The other big news is that we close on Monday on the house.  I will take plenty of pictures then, as I also have pictures of the hat I’ve designed.  Finally.  Sorry for the delay.  This blog should hopefully get picture-y fantastic once we move as we plan to get high speed internet there.  Yay for that!  So that is pretty much all.  That and if anyone knows of a magic genie that will pack and move everything for you and then unpack it all where its supposed to go, please let me know!


Been a while

I know its been a while, but I get sad to post something without any pictures.  😦  On a happy note, I will be wearing my cotehardie to the event at the end of this month, as long as I get the fur back on the hem.  I just need to make a nice chemise to wear underneath.  I have 4 scarves to make next week if I survive the weekend.  The reason for a question of my survival has to do with the fact that my worship team is switching practices, AGAIN, so we have practice tonight . . . and worship on Sunday . . . and practice on Monday . . . and possibly worship on Wednesday.  Next weekend is a Soulgen concert.  It will be a blast, but also very tiring.  I’m one of the thrashing encouragers, so it can also make me sore to go to these events.  And of course, a week later is Ice Castles, an SCA event sure to be fun because I’m guaranteed to have several hours of spinning funness and getting to know those in my new barony.  But it will still be hectic, and the anticipation of that has left me feeling very groggy and slow today.  Even with the coffee.

The only joy is not having much to do at work today.  Yay!!