The Simple Joys of Christmas: Snow

How can anyone forget their first experience of snow?  The clean cold smell of the air and the crunch of snow underfoot brings a smile to my face.  I become a child when I see the flakes float through the air, excited with the expectancy of a white landscape.  There is just something about snow.  I remember making snow angels and snowmen, playing for hours until I was soaked through and freezing.  It seems to be the only thing on this earth you can build with and still eat.

I think some have grown disillusioned by snow, forgetting how to sit before a window and watch it come down in wonder, peering at each unique flake that lands on the windowsill.  To me, its a quiet and reflective thing to watch snow.  And the quiet that comes with it.  It seems as if the entire world grows still after a snow.  And perhaps it is there to teach us how to grow still and quiet as well.


Yay, photos . . . finally!

OK. So photos. First, to catch up, here is my photos of the snow a week ago.

Work in the snow

And this photo below demonstrates how roads can get when it snows.  It may be beautiful but I would enjoy it more if I could stay home and not drive in it.

Roads in Tennessee

This is a main road in Bristol, Tennessee, off what is the Main St, State St.  So no matter how hard those snow plows work, the roads can still be a mess.  But unlike school, jobs don’t take a day off for snow.

The Thaw begins

Well, we’re starting to thaw out here in the mountains, though the snow for the past couple of days has been nice. Watching people who can’t drive in snow is always good for a laugh. Unfortunately, its also beginning to melt, and this may have been our only winter this year. Still, ’tis better to have snowed and thawed, than never to have snowed at all.

In other news, we are getting ready to make an offer on a house. We’ve been eyeing it since we first started looking and we are really excited about this big step. Of course, I don’t have a clue what to offer or how to play this game. I know my agent doesn’t want a low price since it’s less money for him. It seems to me the actual buyers are the only ones involved trying to actually lower the price. The rest are trying to raise it. But I know it will all work out just like everything up til now has worked out. And this house definitely has the room for my yarn and knitting! Wooooo!