Weekly Goals

So this week, I am going to work on some of the baby steps to completing my goals for 2012.  Starting off, I am working on reading the Word every day.  That is my primary discipline goal for January.

1. Read the Word every day.
2. Knit 1 hour on the Sweater of Doom
3. Finish homework for orientation on Saturday.
4. Write an encouraging note to one of my care pastor group members.
5. Finish working on budget for January.

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Weekly Goals

This week my goals are simple and few.  I didn’t really do a weekly goal sheet last week, and I’m feeling it now.  So this week:

1. Spend time with God sometime through the day.

2. Make fudge, toffee, and strawberry cake.

3. Make it to Tai Chi class.

That’s about it.  I know it will be crazy this weekend with Christmas traveling and I plan to rest as much as I can the rest of the time.  How are you handling Christmas and still meeting your goals


Better organization

So, I’m finally going to be taking my blog to its own domain, and I’ve been thinking of how to have a weekly schedule of posts to help my blog flow better.  Plus, it will help motivate me if I already know what I’m going to write about.  This is what I’ve come up with.

Sunday – 10 Weekly Goals
Thanks to Money Saving Mom for this.  I have found that having 10 goals a week is more flexible for my personality type, while still keeping me focused on what I need to get done.  Our week has a tendency to change rapidly so it stays flexible with that.  Plus, I need accountability and by posting it for the world to see, I hope to actually stick with it.

Monday – Monday Musing
Monday will stay as Monday Musing.  This is where I discuss what I’ve been praying or meditating on through the week.

Thursday – Thrifty Thursday
This is going to be a newly redone section of the website.  This post will list what I think are the best 5 deals of the week.  This can also include deals I’ve found on other blogs.

Friday – Fun Friday
This will be my post relating to crafting and knitting.  Lots of pictures I hope, if I can ever find my camera.

So stay tuned to see how the new schedule will work!