A Long Hiatus

So, I apologize for the long absence.  To be honest, it started last fall with a flurry of stuff to do.  DH started back to college to finish up his last year in a mad rush.  We adopted a new four-legged baby, Missy.  A 67 lb retired greyhound.  So I have ended up not getting the PC really for a semester at a time since DH needs it to post for classes and do homework and that sort of thing.  The up side is I’ve spent a lot more time in the sewing room, sewing, crocheting, plotting my eventual takeover of the world.  I’ve started exercising and even eating breakfast!  Generally it’s not been that bad, though I’m now cheating because I have a new smartphone with internet so I hope to at least post more often.

So the real reason for this post.  I still declare that I am in no way about to put on my Save the Planet cape and go flying off with the rest of the Captain Planet crew.  And my love of all documentaries, even those of a different opinion than mine, has gotten me to watch the No Impact Man documentary.  And this has me thinking (which is why I like documentaries) about what I agree with in this whole organic movement and what I find ridiculous.  First, I completely agree with the importance of local food sources, and knowing your food source.  I’m all about Real Milk and local meat and knowing your farmer.  As a sub-class, I do not agree with never using antibiotics to treat your animal.  If its sick, it can spread to your herd or group of animals and kill them all, plus its really inhumane to just let the animal die of a treatable disease.  Second, I completely believe in conservation of materials – reusing old T-shirts as rags, reusing pillow cases and sheets as sewing materials.  Reusing is good and cheap.  It’s not as much about helping the planet as helping yourself.  You save money, breathe new life into something old and save a trip out to find what you need.  Third I do like more natural cleaning and household products.  Homemade cleaner and laundry detergent rock, and are really really REALLY cheap to buy the ingredients for and make.

But I’m by no means throwing out my TV or my Wii.  Heck Wii’s EA Active is how I get in at least 1 exercise a week!  So my question is, is this movement for real?  I read recently that a lot of products sold as organic, aren’t really organic.  And it comes down to, you’re still having to trust a company, with a factory somewhere full of workers.  I’m reminded of that incident back in the 90s where someone found a used hypodermic needle in their can of Pepsi.  We don’t know where our stuff comes from.  Tom’s of Maine may possibly still have to come from Maine, which is a long way from Virginia.  Traveling that far isn’t exactly “organic & local”.  But it probably doesn’t come from Maine.  I don’t know where it comes from, or the Digiorno Personal Pizza I had for dinner.  Just buying something labeled organic doesn’t make you organic. If I get a strawberry out of my garden, I know where it comes from.  I know the soil, the care, the fertilizer used.  I know exactly what I’m eating.  I don’t know the same thing about my grocery store’s produce.  And let’s face it guys, “Made in China” isn’t descriptive at all.  Do you know how big China really is?!?!  Anyways . . .

I’m still not cool with the term “green” since some people have been “green” for decades.  Like my grandfather who has always had a vegetable garden we ate out of and used cow manure as the ultimate fertilizer (it’s the best anyways) and would grab perfectly good items from people getting ready to toss them in the landfill.  It wasn’t to save the planet or because it was cool or he could get brownie points with someone else.  It was simply to not be wasteful.

So I think I have arrived at a conclusion.  For me, this year, it will be to know my food sources.  And eat more of food that I know it’s history.  And to not be wasteful.  To use what I already have instead of buying more.  To save things from the trash by coming up with a creative repurpose.  To simply be more aware.


Ranting . . .

So, I, in general, do not mind the inspection sticker every year for my car. Generally, it has let me know of upcoming repairs to save for and that my car won’t suddenly explode while I drive it down the road. But there is one aspect I do not like. If you pick a place to check your car, and said place finds a problem, they can then pretty much corner you into letting them fix it. Which is not always a cheap thing. One year, I was told that a fog light was out. Friggin expensive, and I’m not quite sure that the fog light has to be operational. Even if its a windshield wiper, your option is to:
A. Have them replace it no matter the cost
B. Have them fail your car, and you have 15 days to get it fixed and re-inspected. Your car at this time can only be driven to a repair place, and to an inspection place.
C. Get rid of the car.

I’m just a little antsy at the moment because the place that currently has one of our cars has not called yet. So, are they still working on it, and if so, does that mean I’m paying for nearly 6 hours of labor?!

And, just got the phone call! Crapoli, it will be $600 worth of labor and such. Makes me want to cry. I think I’m going to go fall asleep for a while, and maybe make myself feel better. Too bad I don’t have any hard liquor.

And now for something completely different

OK, for a gripe.  I have spent the most part of my time the last little bit looking for a pretty cardigan pattern.  Something V-necked and fitting.  Maybe with cables.  Don’t really care as long as its V-neck and fitted.  WHICH DOESN’T EXIST!  I’ve found maybe 5 patterns out of all of ravelry, which fit those 2 simple criteria in some way, though not entirely.  Am I being picky?  I like things that make me look good.  V-neck with some fitting in my waist looks great!  I have 6 skeins of Rose Heather Wool Ease for a cardigan.  I think I’ll make it elbow length for spring.  It will be lovely, warm, happy.  But now comes the prospect of creating the silly thing.  From scratch because we can’t possibly have something be easy or already out there.  Hey, at least if I get it designed, then I get to sell it.