The Simple Joys of Christmas: Jesus Christ

The simplest and best joy of Christmas would have to be Jesus.  He is the Bringer of Joy and the reason why we celebrate this holiday.  He brings us the kind of joy that the world and circumstances cannot take away.  I think about all the Christmases I’ve celebrated and realize that none of the presents, or treats, or time with family would mean anything, if God had not sent His Son to earth to give us salvation, peace, and new life.

So, over the next 24 hours, be sure to worship God and give Him thanks for the real reason for the season.


The Simple Joys of Christmas: Time With Family

OK, to be honest, some might not consider this a joy.  The hustle and bustle to get from one house to the next, trying to spend equal time with everyone, or you know you’ll hear about it for the next year.  With the increase in divorce comes the increase in stops along the way, and the days of It’s a Wonderful Life seem a distant memory.  But no matter what the cost, it’s still family.  These are still the people that are there, rain or shine, sink or swim, with a hug and a smile and a hope for your best.

So the next time a complaint rises to your lips, and you feel so exhausted by the running, maybe take a second to stop and realize.  This is your family, and it is worth a mile of the journey to see them.

The Simple Joys of Christmas – Candy Canes

Candy canes are amazing to me.  I always found it a puzzle on how to eat one.  And the flavor was so sweet, unlike other peppermint candy.  The spiral of red and white and the little curve at the top are simply unique.  I remember getting them as a kid, and eating them quickly, the red stripes fading fast as I devoured one after another.  Such sweet memories.  To be honest, I don’t think I’ve had a candy cane in years.  After all this talk and reminisce, I may have to go find me one.