DIY Roundup & A Sneak Peek

This is our weekly roundup of fantastic DIY projects from this month around the web and a sneak peek  of the coming month here on The Surrendered Life.

February DIY Roundup

Easy DIY Cone Pendant Lamp

Over at Design Milk, they have a fantastic tutorial on making your own pendant lamp that looks very IKEA.  And it looks incredibly simple.


Easy Homemade Butter . . . in a Blender

DIY Natural has a great and simple tutorial to make your own butter in your blender.  I have tried this with my Kitchen-aid, and let me say, it totally changed my view on the butter/margarine debate.  The taste was amazing!


DIY Natural Shaving Cream

The Mommypotamus has a natural recipe for shaving cream.  Making your own household and personal care products is a great way to save money and eliminate nasty, toxic ingredients.


Mini Tissue Holder

Make It and Love It has a cute mini tissue holder tutorial that I will definitely be adding to my to-do list of projects.


March Sneak Peek

After a lot of thought, I decided on two concurrent themes for March.

First, every Sunday, I will post a series called Get Your Garden On.  We’ll cover how to get a garden planned, starting seeds, and prepping your beds for this spring.  There will be some links out to some great sources, and probably some sort of post on how to use technology to help your gardening.

Second, starting next Wednesday, I want to do a series on Lent.  Even though I attend a very non-traditional church, I feel that some traditions are worth observing.  I will be focusing on repentance, self-evaluation, and preparing to celebrate our Lord’s resurrection at Easter.

So, stay tuned!


It’s friday!

Not sure what that means anymore, though I think I’ll get a feeling in a couple of weeks when I start my new job.  Check-out receptionist for a medical practice.  It’s only 10 minutes from home, and will pay me more.  So I save double on gas at least.  Magnus has to get dipped today for non-contagious mange.  And I am packing up the knitting since I don’t know how long it will take for this stuff to dry on him.  I’m not as familiar with Abingdon, so I don’t want to do too much running around up there and get lost.  We’ll see.  At least they have plenty of pretty spots outside in park-like settings, unlike Bristol.

Other news is that the house is almost entirely unpacked.  We’re having friends over tonight to “christen the house” and play pool.  Just hope Magnus behaves.


Well, my knitting has been on hold for a couple of days, so I’m going to be knitting on my lunch break. Since it’s not fair that I don’t get to knit! Especially if DH still gets to play Airsoft. Anyway, the house is more lovely every day, even with the work we have to deal with. Never thought I’d own my own home at this age. And its nice because every time we are at the new house, the contrast to where we have lived for the past two years is huge. I do have some pictures, but I don’t have them uploaded yet. I’ll try to post those at some point, but of course its going to be crazy busy.
The really exciting things:

  • It came with a free pool table, complete with balls and cue sticks, that the previous owners did not want
  • It is already setup with high speed fiber optic internet so I will be cruising in the fast lane finally, wirelessly, and will be able to put up lots more pictures
  • The sheer size is mind-boggling for me
  • The kitchen is actually usable
  • The view of the city at night is gorgeous, and yes I will try to get a picture of that as well

On the business front, I found a free blog service that comes complete with a store and is integrated with Paypal, so hopefully soon, I will be posting the link and will be going live, even though I have nothing to sell as of yet.

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