Monday Musing

OK, I wanted to make it a triple threat and have Monday Morning Musing, but it just didn’t happen.  A new addition to my blog, I’m going to try and bring some sort of reflection or observation every Monday from the week before.  Something that has impacted me or otherwise changed my life.

This week’s observation:  As I sit and think about the previous week, I think I’m most impacted by time.  Or rather my impression of it.  So a week is only 7 days and that is actually not much in the way of what I hope will be a 100+ year lifetime.  But I feel that on the one hand last Monday was forever ago.  Some how so much stuff has filled the time from last week to this to make me feel that I’ve lived a month in that time.  Church takes up a lot of time.  Currently I sing on one of the praise teams, which looks like it is moving to a practice every week of some sort, every other Wednesday night, and every other Sunday morning.  I also help on the Evangelism team which may be 3 Friday nights a month.  Including last Friday.  And we also had our monthly Sunday night service yesterday.  That’s a total of 5 events just dealing with that.  And I love going to church but I feel it may slowly be sucking any spare time from me.  Not a good feeling.  In some ways, I’ve had to put down my needles for a week, with maybe only 30 minutes total of knitting!  Thats a lot.  Especially considering my self-employment aspirations, and my craft show ambitions, I really REALLY need to be knitting.  Like a fiend.  But I find myself so worn out, so exhausted, that I can barely lift a TV remote to adjust the volume, much less pick up my sticks for a worthy cause.  And I don’t know how to deal with this busyness that just seems like busyness and not something worth spending my time on.  I can’t quit my job.  Not yet.  And I will not give up God, but I have to draw the line between what is my relationship with God and important to that, and what is simply things I enjoy doing or what not.  Thankfully, my singing on the praise team does not determine my place in Heaven or His love for me.  I guess I feel it does determine the love from others though.  Meanwhile, I feel time speed by, and still yet drag slowly on, and wonder where in the middle do I accomplish what I need to accomplish.


Been a while

I know its been a while, but I get sad to post something without any pictures.  😦  On a happy note, I will be wearing my cotehardie to the event at the end of this month, as long as I get the fur back on the hem.  I just need to make a nice chemise to wear underneath.  I have 4 scarves to make next week if I survive the weekend.  The reason for a question of my survival has to do with the fact that my worship team is switching practices, AGAIN, so we have practice tonight . . . and worship on Sunday . . . and practice on Monday . . . and possibly worship on Wednesday.  Next weekend is a Soulgen concert.  It will be a blast, but also very tiring.  I’m one of the thrashing encouragers, so it can also make me sore to go to these events.  And of course, a week later is Ice Castles, an SCA event sure to be fun because I’m guaranteed to have several hours of spinning funness and getting to know those in my new barony.  But it will still be hectic, and the anticipation of that has left me feeling very groggy and slow today.  Even with the coffee.

The only joy is not having much to do at work today.  Yay!!