About The Surrendered Life

There comes that moment in your life.  That moment where you have reached the end of your rope.  The cliff’s edge.  And I either you take a deep breathe and a big step back, really look at what is going on.  Whether this is really the direction you are wanting to go in.

Cause the alternative is running right off that cliff into empty air – no way to breathe.

Like so many before us, we are seeing that this direction – more stuff, more stress, more reliance on someone else for everything we need – is a dead-end cliff.  From the city-dweller growing food on their apartment’s roof to the family going completely off-grid in a 4′ x 4′ house made of pallets, you see it everywhere.  Each person starting to take back control, take back the ability to live life on a different set of terms.

And ultimately, you can’t give control of your life to the One who created your life if you’ve given that control to something else.

About Me

My name is Megan Bailey.  I’m a wife, a new mom, and a daughter of the Most High God.  But, my days are not perfect and my life lacks luster.  I know beyond a doubt that I am loved, and held in a mighty Right Hand.  I have been writing off and on for the last five years.  I have a yarn addiction that sometimes threatens to take over the house, but my husband still loves me.  I am trying to figure out this mom thing one day at a time.  It’s a slow walk covered by grace, and it is teaching more than any other part of my life has.


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