The Sufficient Path – Casting On Your 1st Project

So, hopefully you gathered together a pair of straight knitting needles and a skein of soft yarn over the weekend.  You are ready to start!  Over this post, I’ll explain how to start a project, from tying a slip knot to casting on your stitches.  For a very basic scarf, we’ll cast on 15 stitches.

Tying a Slip Knot

To start off, we need to tie a slip knot so the project won’t unravel with washing and wear.  This video I made will help you learn how, if you are unsure what to do.

Casting On

Next, it is time to cast on your stitches.  The Long Tail Cast On is usually the first cast on most knitters learn.  This next video will show you how to cast on your stitches.  For a simple scarf, around 15 stitches would be plenty.

Woohoo!  You should have a needle with stitches!  Have questions?  Need help?  Leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to do what I can to get you started!


7 Ways to Improve Your Prayer Life

It happens to the best of us.  We are in love with God, but the busy schedules we set for ourselves intrude.  The next thing we know, it has been weeks since we sat down to pray.  Time has the ability to slip away from us.  Here are seven ways to improve your prayer life over the next week.

Day 1

tablet, technology

Put down the technology.  I am a techno-junkie to end all techno-junkies.  I usually have my iPhone, iPad, and laptop all within arm’s reach at any given moment.  I work online, socialize online, shop online, and learn online.  And there are positives to that.  But it also means I’m dividing my time and attention 10 different ways at once.  And recently, it has become clear that multi-tasking does not help us at all.  This means putting aside the tablet, and sitting at the table of our Father in Heaven, if we really want to improve our prayer life.  Challenge yourself on day 1 to find a quiet place far from any technology to spend a little time praying.  At first, your information addicted brain may get a little bored, but let the quiet was over your soul.  And let God speak right to your heart.

Day 2


Get rid of the clock.  We live by our clocks and watches.  Every second of every day seems, sometimes, to be scheduled.  And having your time organized and allotted can be good.  But, not for your prayer life.  Rather than sitting through your prayer time glancing at your watch every 5 seconds, go in with mindset that you’ll stay without a thought to time.  Move your focus from how long this will take, to how much God you really want.

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The Sufficient Path – Tools Needed to Knit


The most important, (and let me tell ya, the most addictive) part of knitting is the yarn.  Soft, sumptuous, and sometimes, reasonably affordable.  I have went home with a skein simply because of the color and the softness, with no project in mind.  She who dies with the most yarn wins!

yarn ballsSo, let me first say, you have been warned.  Go ahead, clear out a closet now.  You’ll eventually want the free space.  OK, I may be exaggerating a little.  Not everyone uses a whole closet.  Anyways, yarn comes in a variety of weights.

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