What a way to start the New Year

Let’s hope I never do that again.  I was sick New Year’s Day and the day after and I’m still trying to recover my strength.  So this post will be short and just fill everyone in on what’s going on.  I’ll also be combing a couple of my weekly posts into one for now.  First off, my weekly goals.

This week I only have a hand full of goals as I get back on my feet.

  1. Do 1 load of laundry from sort to put away.
  2. Spend time with every evening.  As I am more of a night person, so I have moved this to the evening when I am more myself.
  3. See if I can do more of a slow stretching exercise to get me back in the groove.  Absolutely nothing cardio.

And for Monday Musing, I have been focusing on the Proverbs 31 woman and reading it in the Amplified version.  I have noticed that as I read it more, scriptures pop in my mind throughout the day.  For now I’ll hit the highlights, but I am very interested in doing a study of this section of scripture.  It would be an excellent way to start the New Year by studying the qualities of a godly woman.  If so, please subscribe to my weekly newsletter and follow along. Also feel free to post your thoughts on the week’s verses on your blog and link back here.

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