The Simple Joys of Christmas: Snow

How can anyone forget their first experience of snow?  The clean cold smell of the air and the crunch of snow underfoot brings a smile to my face.  I become a child when I see the flakes float through the air, excited with the expectancy of a white landscape.  There is just something about snow.  I remember making snow angels and snowmen, playing for hours until I was soaked through and freezing.  It seems to be the only thing on this earth you can build with and still eat.

I think some have grown disillusioned by snow, forgetting how to sit before a window and watch it come down in wonder, peering at each unique flake that lands on the windowsill.  To me, its a quiet and reflective thing to watch snow.  And the quiet that comes with it.  It seems as if the entire world grows still after a snow.  And perhaps it is there to teach us how to grow still and quiet as well.


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