Fun Friday – Fingerless Mitts & A Yarn Review

I’m thrilled to have finally finished my Gallifrey finger-less mitts, and I have to say they are lovely.  They still need to a have a little light blocking, but they look and feel fantastic.  Check them out in action:

This is a fairly intense pattern.  I definitely couldn’t watch TV and knit this.  Every row of the chart involves a crossover or 3.  But it is completely worth the effort.  And still with that subtle nerdy flair only the true nerds will get.

I would also like to do a review of the yarn used for this project.  Introducing Tosh Merino Light in Alazarin, from Madeline Tosh Yarns.

This was actually a swap gift from a fantastic swap partner as part of 221b‘s Yarn and Jam Swap this past summer.  I fell in love the moment I touched it.  It has the softness of Malabrigo, and is a similar single ply strand, but it seems a bit more stable.  I guess the best way to describe what I am talking about is the fact that Malabrigo can felt slightly from wear, but this doesn’t seem to & I’ve put these mitts to the test.  Stitch definition is amazing, and it works up fantastically in a cable pattern while still being soft.  They were knit on size naught 24″ circulars, and let me say I will probably never knit on that needle size again.  There were times my hands cramped from the tight little stitches this produced.

The only negative I have for this yarn is the splitting.  If I hadn’t had sharp points for lace, I think it would have driven me bonkers.  This yarn likes to split a lot!  But I would knit with it again.  So go forth, and knit with this wondrous yarn.  Seriously, if Malabrigo is the knitter’s crack, this might be the knitter’s version of heroin.


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