Weekly Goals

Last week did not go so well on accomplishing goals.  I have to admit that I have been reading Money Saving Mom’s current series called 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life, but obviously not every single thing I have read has actually stayed with me.  In her 5th post, she mentioned to plan ahead for obstacles to staying disciplined, and obviously I didn’t do that.  I knew that I would be sleeping in a little and that my family would be in for a couple of days.  But I did not plan ahead for these things.  However, this won’t stop me from trying again this week.

My goals last week:


1. Spend time with God first thing every morning.  (Did not do well on this at all this last week.) 

2. Do next chapter in the Faith Workbook.   (Actually did this, and really enjoyed this workbook.)


3. Write my husband a note expressing my love and tuck it into his lunchbox to find on his break. (This did not happen as I had not figured into the equation how hard it would be to get a chance to pack his lunch.)


4.  Write 500 more words for novel.  (This did not happen, but on a happy note, my essay for the teaching program is now done.)


5.  Changed sheets on bed.

6.  Fold clean laundry.

7.  Sort through 1 tote in basement.  (Actually got through 2 totes.)


8. Take a bubble bath.  (Didn’t happen, but I did get all my Christmas decorations put out.)


8.  Finish fingerless gloves.  (I’m marking this off, because I have very little left to finish them.)

And this week’s goals:


1. Spend time with God first thing every morning.


2.  For something a bit more feasible, I think it’s time for another stay in date night.


3.  Write 500 more words for novel.


4. Clean bathroom sink & mirror.

5. Dust


6. Take a relaxing bath.


7.  Work on David’s sweater.

I also plan to focus on keeping track of our spending for the next 21 days, and writing down all of our purchases.  I’ll let you know how that goes.


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