Better organization

So, I’m finally going to be taking my blog to its own domain, and I’ve been thinking of how to have a weekly schedule of posts to help my blog flow better.  Plus, it will help motivate me if I already know what I’m going to write about.  This is what I’ve come up with.

Sunday – 10 Weekly Goals
Thanks to Money Saving Mom for this.  I have found that having 10 goals a week is more flexible for my personality type, while still keeping me focused on what I need to get done.  Our week has a tendency to change rapidly so it stays flexible with that.  Plus, I need accountability and by posting it for the world to see, I hope to actually stick with it.

Monday – Monday Musing
Monday will stay as Monday Musing.  This is where I discuss what I’ve been praying or meditating on through the week.

Thursday – Thrifty Thursday
This is going to be a newly redone section of the website.  This post will list what I think are the best 5 deals of the week.  This can also include deals I’ve found on other blogs.

Friday – Fun Friday
This will be my post relating to crafting and knitting.  Lots of pictures I hope, if I can ever find my camera.

So stay tuned to see how the new schedule will work!


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