Monday Musing

This past week my musing has mostly been on my priorities.  It feels like I am asking myself over and over, what I am really supposed to be doing?  How should things be sorted in my life?  I think too many times our day to day frustration comes from the fact that we don’t have our priorities in line, and so everything else suffers.

First, I know number one should be God.  I have slowly been building the habit that every morning, first thing, I spend time with God.  It can mean reading the Bible, quietly worshiping Him, or simply sitting in His presence and listening to His voice.  To be honest, some mornings I am running behind and don’t have as much time as others, but whatever I have to give, He gets first place in my day.

Second would definitely have to be my husband.  He gets a larger portion of my time than anything else.  My pastor was preaching on this this past Wednesday, and it seemed to confirm what I have been meditating on.  Not even ministering and serving others should come before my marriage, and eventually my children. There should be a strong, unbreakable relationship at home to provide the stability from which to minister.  So I put aside my hobbies to snuggle on the couch, and willingly do so because without him . . . I will not contemplate that.

Thirdly, there comes ministry to others.  I also feel that my calling and God’s plan for my life falls into this category.

But from there, things seem a bit hazy.  I’m still praying and seeking beyond those three.  Where does my job enter into this?  Or my hobbies?  And do I have a priority?


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