Weekly Goals

So I first read about weekly goals over at Money Saving Mom, and thought I’d give it a try.  After all, I need all the help I can get.  So far, I’m seeing an improvement in what I am getting accomplished.  First of all was the great feeling of actually accomplishing something.  And I did get several things marked off my list.  I also like that this list is flexible.  I have seven days to get it done in and can space things out and around the busy lives we lead.

I have also found out the importance of starting small.  I only try to put one goal per category right now.  Then, as it builds into a habit, I can add more.  Also, I realize it’s not 10 goals exactly, but let’s just say that a goal is to eventually get to having 10 goals a week.  So let’s get started . . .

My goals last week:


1. Spend time with God first thing every morning.  (OK, so I did pretty good on this last week.  I missed out on Thursday morning because I was running late and overslept, but otherwise it’s definitely helping me. ) 

2. Do next chapter in the Faith Workbook.   (Totally did not get to last week, so I’m moving it to this week’s sheet.)


3. Plan a stay-in date night.  (This was awesome as we got a Netflix DVD in and curled up on the couch.)


4.  Write 500 more words for novel.  (Thanks to Chic-Fil-A for free wi-fi.)


5. Vacuum stairs and basement and sweep upstairs.  (So I got most of this done.  Just didn’t get our bedroom swept.)


6. Put out candles in the window for Christmas.  (This did not get done as I have to clear a path to the Christmas decorations first.)


7.  Work 1 hr on David’s sweater.
8.  Finish fingerless gloves.

And this week’s goals:


1. Spend time with God first thing every morning.

2. Do next chapter in the Faith Workbook.


3. Write my husband a note expressing my love and tuck it into his lunchbox to find at work on break.


4.  Write 500 more words for novel.


5. Change sheets on the bed.

6. Fold all clean laundry in the basket.

7. Sort through 1 tote in the basement.


8. Take a bubble bath.


9.  Finish fingerless gloves.


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