Monday Musing

So, it’s time once again for Monday Musing!  My brain is still lingering on the topic of the simple life, but perhaps from a different point of view.  What has really been on my mind is how we are constantly connected at this point in history.  Everyone has a cellphone on them at all times.  Most people have internet and Facebook apps, as well as news, email, you name it.  While this is good in some respects, I’m also a bit concerned with the amount of time I waste on this things.   It’s like I’m never disconnected to the point that I have a constant input of information.

Most things, in moderation, can be a good thing.  Facebook connects with friends and family in an instant, no matter the distance.  Email lets you stay on top of things in your life, like nabbing a free item you’re looking for on Freecycle.  But how much time is lost to this.  I’ve had an idea.  OK, so I know that not all my ideas work.  But it’s always worth a try.

First, I want to log my “techno” hours for the next 4 days.  Anytime I check my email, get on Facebook, surf the blogosphere.  It all counts.  Then, comes the shocker.  On Saturday, I plan to disconnect.  Well, I’ll have to cheat.  I know I’ll have to run something at church on Saturday night involving technology.  But otherwise, nothing.  No TV, or Xbox.

What can I get accomplished in a day of un-wasted hours?  Maybe I’ll ride my bike to the library.  Sew some, or enjoy a nature walk at one of the parks.  Who knows?  I may even write letters to a few friends.  I do know it will be an adventure!  Anyone else interested in joining me?  I do know if you wait til Saturday, you’ll have to send the response by carrier pigeon.


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