Sorry for the Long Absence

I want to apologize for the long absence.  It boggles my mind how busy life can get and you don’t even realize it.  One minute you are enjoying life, sipping some tea, the next . . . POW! you are so busy you don’t even know your own name.  I think that is why I keep craving farm life, and the simple life.  Actually, I think that’s why a lot of people are craving the simple life.

I’ve noticed so many books and magazines out about this idea.  I don’t want to be mean, but reading a book about it isn’t going to make it actually come true.  I think it takes actually committing to a plan of action.  But this is going to require serious change.  For some people, it could mean downsizing their job, which means downsizing everything else.  Huge changes, like buying a smaller house, moving, less income, no more Starbucks.  I don’t think there is an easy way to simplify.

I mean, I’m trying it.  I’ve got a garden going that looks awesome, because I think, “If I can grow my own vegetables, and save seeds, then I won’t have to spend money on that again, which means I won’t have to earn that money to begin with!”  I’m riding my bike some to work, which I have to say is awesome!  I’m exercising which helps my mood before I get to work.  And being out in the world, not surrounded by glass and metal, seems to free my mind a little.

But to be honest, I would have to quit my job, and work from home to truly simplify.  And cut back on my “needs”.  I’m not talking about food, or clothing, or a roof over my head.  I’m talking about an IPad, or Starbucks, or who knows what else!  It’s kinda frustrating.

I know God wants to bless me.  I know that He wants to give me my needs, and my wants.  But I’m tired of my wants messing up what He’s trying to do.  Or rather my impatience to get my wants now!  It sounds like a whiny bossy child.  Lord, help me deal with the temper tantrums!


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