Time for a Quest

So I know it’s been a long time.  Really I’m posting out of thought frustration.  I’ve been noticing lately, especially since I work in the medical arena, that I find I distrust medicine more and more.  And it’s not because of blatant issues like seeing doctors who don’t care about patients and their health or reading about massive screw-ups during surgery.  Those things fall into a darker, more frightening category called “True Medical Evil”.  But this is simply a feeling.  I watch patients come into our office lugging their medicines in grocery bags or lunch bags.  Most don’t even know what they take, what it’s for, or where it comes from.  And they don’t seem to be getting better, or healthier.  I drive over to the main hospital to deliver mail to the doctor’s boxes and see the nurses parking lot littered with cigarette butts.  And my brain can’t help but think, “What is going on here?!?!”  Most doctors I’ve heard of in the area are also sick in some way.  And to be honest, how many of you are tired of being sick?   Or simply tired of being tired?

I find I’m tired all the time.  By the time I get home from work, I’m ready to eat and then go to bed.  I only worked 8 hours in a sit-down, office job!  It’s not like I was farming in the hot sun as my ancestors used to do.  It’s not like I’m not eating, but I am getting sick more.  I had one doctor tell me after checking me for the stomach flu, “you work in a sewer so what do you expect?”.  That’s right, he referred to me working in a doctor’s office, as working in a sewer.  Something’s gotta give.

So I’m trying something.

  1. A whole body detox- not a colon cleanse but an all over cleanse, including my liver.  You know, your liver is supposed to filter out toxins & pass them on to your kidneys and digestive tract to be flushed out of your system.
  2. Next I’m going to try for 2 weeks to eat organic, raw vegetables/fruits for 2 meals a day.  I know eating that way with DH would be impossible.  After all he’s Mister No-Vegetable.  But I can do breakfast & lunch.  I can do milk, nuts, fruits, vegetables, seeds.  They just can’t be cooked.  Why, do you ask?  Cooking always takes out nutrients.  It’s why commercially pasteurized milk has to have all the vitamins added back in.   The heating process killed the nutrients.  So if I take bad stuff out, I should really replace it with a lot of good stuff.  Mmmmm, real food.
  3. Water.  Enough water to make my organs float.  OK, so this step will really be difficult at first with all the runs to the bathroom, but it’s really important.  The earth is 70% water, the same as our bodies.  Now imagine if it only rained 2 days a month all year, worldwide.  Do you think there would be a massive worldwide drought?  Yes!  What’s worse is our blood is mostly water, so dried up blood can’t carry nutrients or oxygen as well as liquid blood.  OK, that’s an exaggeration.  It wouldn’t be completely dried.
  4. Supplement where I’m lacking nutrients.  This mainly means taking a multivitamin.  Adding in Vitamin C, especially for flu season.  And folic acid, because I’m preparing way in a advance for maternity in a year and a half.

So, what do you guys think?  How do you think this will go?  I’m planning on blogging every day, how I feel, what’s going on, ideas I’ve had to keep the meals interesting.  I guess you can call this the Nutrition Quest.


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