DIY Day is Back @ A Twisted Skein

So, I have another awesome example of how A Soft Place to Land has changed my life.  So without further ado . . .

So let’s take this desk.

This desk cost me $50 bucks at my hair salon.

(Don’t ask, she was selling it for another customer)

Anyhoo, it was really beat up.  Real wood but definitely had seen better days.

There were really bad water rings on the top, and practically no finish.  I only had to sand the back and legs for prep work.

Also it used to have an old style crank pencil sharpener screwed to the top of it.

We won’t discuss the difficulty in getting that thing off.

So, time to liven it up with paint and my first attempt at distressing .

This is the first coat after priming.  I didn’t really get a primer picture but you can see it on the drawer behind the desk.I didn’t do a really heavy coverage except for the distress areas.

Already it looks a lot better, but this still wouldn’t fit our Asian inspired bedroom.

Here is the end result!  It looks amazing, like a completely new piece of furniture.I thoroughly enjoyed redoing this desk, and it has become a wonderful vanity for my bedroom.I just need to get a small mirror for my makeup application and a small stool.

So here it is in my bedroom (Disregard the mess)


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