So, this is my first time posting for DIY day over at A Soft Place to Land.  So, here goes.

Introducing Mr. Ceiling Fan.  He’s very humdrum about himself because he has that tacky fake gold color all over and his blades aren’t even real wood.  They don’t look anywhere close to real wood!  In fact, no man should ever be forced to wear ruffles or frills.




So introducing Mrs. Spray Paint.  We all know how women can help men get past their issues.


Ok, Ok, enough with the story time.  This is my first time I have ever used spray paint to do anything.  I got a cheap plastic drop cloth for the dining room table.  I also used grocery bags taped to the ceiling, an idea I got from a previous DIY Day post where they painted their outdoor lights without taking them down.  I stuffed the light sockets with grocery bags as well.  Hey, they were the first thing I could find.


A couple of coats later, and I couldn’t believe my eyes.



I spray painted both sides to the blades and then spray painted very lightly the screws for the globes and to reattach the fan blades.  And with the purchase of some $3.44 glass globes from Walmart, I now have a new ceiling fan.  At least my husband thought so when he got home from the worship conference.  “Is that new?  No, really, did you buy that?”  If you add up the spray paint, the drop cloth, and the new globes and light bulbs, my ceiling fan cost about $20.  And I’m very happy to not have to buy a brand new ceiling fan for the dining room.


20 thoughts on “DIY Day

  1. AMAZING! I just linked Kimba’s DIY party with a ceiling fan makeover also! It never dawned on me to spraypaint it while it was up there! Nice work!

    • Yeah, stumbled upon them in the home improvement section, on same aisle as their selection of ceiling fans. They’re easy to overlook because there are only about 4 options. I picked one of the cheaper ones, called alabaster I think.

  2. Stopping in from ASPTL.

    Looks totally different! Great job! Did you not get ANY paint on the ceiling? I so would have, somehow, someway!

    • Only a teeny tiny smudge. The plastic grocery bags did a good job. I used black electrical tape to hold them up since that isn’t as sticky a tape.

  3. I LoVE it!! I really don’t like my living room ceiling fan and I’ve been contemplating the spray paint idea for some time. This is the 2nd time I’ve seen spray painting a ceiling come up in Kimba’s DIY day. I’m really thinking I might do it!!

  4. I love this! I’ve got a gawdy white and brass ceiling fan that I’m thinking about painting. What kind of paint did you use on the blades themselves?

    • I just used the two in the picture. I used the Satin Rustoleum in the Chocolate-y brown and the Krylon Brushed Metallic in Satin Nickel. Just a warning the Rustoleum takes MUCH longer to dry but it was the only not shiny chocolate brown I could find.

  5. Fantastic makeover! It looks so much nicer. You’ll be addicted to spray paint now; it makes everything look this good.

    Here from DIY Day–thanks for sharing!

  6. Thinking I needed to take them down was what’s kept me from updating two ceiling fans. I’m thinking this might be doable! The other thing I’ve worried about is whether it’s okay to get paint in those holes around the sides – like vents for the motor. I guess you didn’t have a problem with that either?

    • I didn’t have a problem, but I spray paint like you should fire a gun. Short, controlled bursts. I didn’t hold the nozzle down, just short squirts. It didn’t take a lot, or a second coat, to cover one of those brassy ceiling fans with the krylon paint, just go easy and be careful.

  7. I love this! I have this almost exact same ceiling fan in my bedroom and I was wondering if it could be spray painted with all of the small holes in it and not interfere with the internal wiring – but you proved that it can. Thanks.

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