Plants and animals

No, I’m not going into a science lesson.  I do have plants.  It’s just that animals keep messing with my plants.  Outdoors my lettuce, which was thick and flourishing, is now down to just a handful of plants.  Yes I think rabbits have discovered my garden.  My grandfather’s suggestion is to use the tacky aluminum pie plates and buy a couple of bright rubber snakes and that should drive them off.  So a trip to the toy section is in order.  Indoors, my herbs are doing great, as long as Magnus will keep from eatting my seedlings.  Every time my thyme puts up a new seedling, it disappears.  I finally caught him in the act the other night and had to move all of my herbs up off the floor.  I really need to move them outside now, but haven’t had a chance to straighten up the deck to make room for them. 

In other news, my job still reeks and continues to decay into yet stinkier reekiness.  I may have another possibility which I will apply for and get mailed this week.  Just pray that this one pans out.  I need another job badly.

I’ve definitely been enjoying my sewing room.  I finished The Gathering Apron the other night.  I also worked on some zippered snack bags.  Next is to finish my heirloom baby quilt for when DH and I finally do have kids.  I have everything I need, except binding, and I’m not going to make binding.  I’m just going to buy some.  Hey, I’m lazy.


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