Warning: Picture intensive

So, I’ve had the camera out since I got a huge pack of AA batteries and I’ve been snapping pictures of everything to try and get caught up.  So, here we go!

First, the craft room.

So this is from the door to the room.  On the wall with the window with lovely homemade curtains, I plan to put a shelf for all those totes of fabric you see.  Then I have my eye on an antique rocker I saw at a shop and will put that in the empty corner.

And this picture shows my laptop and also the cabinet that stores my patterns and my sewing machine when not in use.

And finally, my yarn storage.  It’s still a bit of a mess at the moment, as I need another cube kit to have enough cubes to go up another row, but still it works for now.  100 points to everyone who spots the rump in this picture.

I promise, no porn, I just have no control over where Magnus decides to roam when I take pictures.

Now, on to my latest sewing creation.  An apron!  I did not understand the power in an apron til I made on.  I didn’t know how much I would get done wearing one!

Next, my gardening!

So, first is my three rows of vegetable garden.  It’s just been tilled, is full of rocks, roots, and pieces of brick from the construction of the house and needs a lot of work.  Instead of figuring out where to toss all of this, I’m simply lining it up along the edge of the beds to make an edging.  Actually doesn’t look half bad either.  As of yesterday, I have some Salad Bowl variety lettuce and spinach coming up.  No word on the sunflowers, peas, zucchini, or cucumber, and due to an abundance of nonstop rain, my tomato plants are still in a pot.But you will see in the second photo that my lavender is coming up now!  There are actually four plants now.  Also I have one teeny Stevia plant coming up.  It’s too tiny right now to get a decent picture, but as it gets bigger, I’ll take a photo.

Finally, I now have a writing desk.  I feel so wonderful at it, like I’ve stepped back in time.  Austin and I have had this secretary desk for a couple of years and it originally filled its purpose as a computer desk.  But now, it’s solely for reading mail and writing letters and notes and mailing items out.

OK, I promise, I’m out of pictures.  I won’t take anymore until . . . maybe tomorrow.  Actually, it’s now after midnight.  I could take more pictures!  OK, just kidding.  I actually do have more pictures but I believe, in order to keep me awake til Austin gets home, it’s time for Monarch of the Glen Season 1.  Til next time, I’m signing off.


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