Continuing pictureless

I’m having to continue blogging without pictures, due to a lack of AA batteries in the house.  We’ll all  have to make due with our imaginations I guess.  First and foremost, I should actually have my garden plowed, hopefully next weekend.  That means I can transplant my 14 tomato plants, my lettuce and my 2 cucumber plants.  I started some lavender yesterday, and I am waiting to get some more pots to start some parsley, basil, passionflower, and stevia.  Which brings me to point 2, I am almost off of sugar.  I am trying to get completely away from corn syrup, so if its a choice between that and sugar, I’ll choose sugar.  But if I have a choice to not have sugar, I’m now using stevia.  Right now, it’s in the form of Stevia in the Raw in little green packets, but once my stevia shrub gets big enough, I can simply get my sweetness from that.  I have noticed a difference in not having as much sugar.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to completely come away from sugar entirely, but I can at least greatly cut how much I’m taking in.

My craft room now has internet access!  I’ve got my laptop running smoother, and have it set up in the craft room.  I actually feel really comfortable there and can’t wait to have it fully functional.  I’m still lacking shelves for my fabric, and a rocking type chair with a foot stool.  I also need to go yard saling for some old sheets with the right colors and make this rag rug for the room. I promise to get some batteries before Jesus comes back and take pictures of all of this.


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