I think I need another job

Well, first off, let me say that the idea to switch to the cotton rags has worked out great.  They are absorbant, reusable, and have a much better scrub factor than paper towels.  My DH has officially approved their use after having to clean up after Magnus.  He said that Magnus threw up and the rag didn’t leave bits of paper towel in the carpet, didn’t soak through and get the nasty on his hands and really got the mess up quicker than paper towels.  If he approves then the change is permanent so I’m really thrilled about this!  It means that $6-$8 we were spending on paper towels can now be wiped from the budget.  And as small as the rags are, they can be washed with any other load and not use really any more water or detergent.  Also the new kitchen laundry hamper works great too.  I plan to put up some pictures as soon as I get batteries this weekend.

Now on to why I need another job.  Of course I am hormonally homicidal right now anyways, but it comes down to the fact that I don’t think I can handle the emotional strain of the place for another 3 years, which is how long it will be before Austin finishes with all the teaching certification and I can finally come close to not having to work and simply having my own kids.  It still goes through my mind occasionally of working 2 part time jobs, except I know that that usually winds up with scheduling problems, as in you end up working 2 shifts at 2 places on the same day for 12 hours.  All I can do is pray, and keep applying to any job that I see that would at least pay me as much as BR does.


One thought on “I think I need another job

  1. If youare unhappy at work, it is well worth taking a pay cut as you can’t buy back time can you?
    I spent my youth, worrying about where I was going to work and how much I was going to earn to pay the mortgage blah blah.

    Then I got seriously sick, and was forced to give up full time work and did not work for a while….and you know what?
    The World did not fall apart…and I felt, I could have done this years ago, I could have pursued my dream to write knitting patterns when i was young AND I could have had kids, but all too too late! I cannot have kids now due to treatment illness and eventually age.

    But, at least I am writing knitting patterns!

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