Continuing to Organize

So, it has been a few days past a year of living in a home we actually own.  Well, God actually has me remembering that the bank owns it until we pay it off, but nonetheless it’s still considered ours in the legal sense.  Never thought I would still be organizing a year later, especially after the Unexpected Paid Summer Vacation last year, ie the paid leave of absence to find another job.  But one year later, I have finally managed to get my craft room working.  That’s right folks!  You can actually walk all the way in, sit down at the sewing desk, and SEW!  It’s completely amazing.  I still have shelves to saw, paint, and mount for my bins and bins of fabric.  I’m hoping to get that done by the end of this month.  The yarn is almost all in my cubes, and even the top of my storage cabinet is organized and looking cute.  I promise pictures at a later posting.  And I honestly wish I had taken before and after pictures to show the true miracle that has happened.  I just can’t believe I actually got it where it is now.  Since I got the sewing part working, I decided to celebrate with some sewing.  It’s been a long time since I’ve actually wanted to sew, mainly due to the tiny alterations business I had on the side 2 years ago to supplement the detestable pay at Cheaply-Made Clothes/Expensive Prices Store (the name has been changed to protect the guilty).  So I pulled out my old T-shirts that are being held still for a memories T-shirt quilt.  I have to take a quick detour to say that the following ideas and such are due to desire to increase frugality and has nothing to do with going green.  For a better explanation why, see bottom of post.  Anyways, I cut every bit I could into lovely rags to use rather than expensive rolls of paper towels.  Since I knew this idea/system would not work unless I had some easy way to deal with the dirty rags between washings,  I then got out some cute coffee themed cotton and left-over muslin and sewed up a neat laundry bag to hang on the inside of one of the kitchen cabinet doors.  I used some wire I found in the basement to tie up plants and made a casing around the top and up the side seam to hold the bag open, thus making it extremely easy for DH to use.  And of course, myself – the Queen of Lazy.

In other news, the seedlings are looking fantastic but they will have to transplanted quite soon.  Since I’m starting to feel lazy, this may involve ripping out the dead herbs from my shallower pot, and transplanting them in there until the garden is plowed.  I’m looking for easy at this point.

** Explanation – Yes, I know that Green is in right now.  Everyone’s doing it, and most feel you are a big evil corporate monster for not following the ways of Green.  But let me explain myself.  I’m all about conserving, but because it’s responsible, it’s cheaper, and it’s what my family has had to do for generations.  Only 2 generations before me were family members living in a two room shack, and 3 generations ago they were living through the Great Depression.  Of course, too much hoarding can cause a clutter problem, so I have been able to overcome that and know when to keep and when to toss or give away.  (Thanks Flylady!)  But it is also because I see things in a very strong scientific way.  I know I know, I hear you now.  “But that’s why Green is important!  Scientists say so and they are studying the problems of climate change!”  First, on carbon dioxide, the list is very long of why there is no worry there.  First, it’s very very important for us to have carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, mainly so plants will continue to replenish oxygen into our atmosphere.  Second, let’s look at how much is actually in the atmosphere.  In terms of percentages, carbon dioxide makes up 0.0383% of our atmosphere according to Wikipedia, which highlights at the bottom that the source of that is the NASA Earth Fact Sheet which was updated April 19, 2007.  The Fact Sheet is in parts per million, rather than a percentage but Wikipedia has it calculated as a percentage.  Even if it was increasing, its increasing on such a teeny tiny scale that the difference would not be noticed compared to the rest of the atmosphere.  Second, on climate change itself.  This doesn’t scare me either since the Earth’s climate has been changing between hotter and colder periods since the beginning of time.  We have went through several Ice Ages and Heat Ages.  This is not a new phenomenon, and unless dinosaurs had coal burning electricity plants, the climate changes that happened before and after their existence had nothing to do with CO2.  It’s just the way this beautiful planet is.  Hopefully I won’t end up with a bunch of nasty comments on this post, but this explanation is based in fact.  If you have further questions, feel free to contact me.


One thought on “Continuing to Organize

  1. Okay so I’ve been a bad friend and not keeping up with your blog, but now that I’m catching up I have to say AMEN to you and your explanation climate change and why you should really conserve. It’s just a good thing to do. Why do people have to make it an ironic crusade against the natural order?

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