Rock Climbing 101

So, I found out what kind of bug I had.  Bronchitis.  Talk about nasty, I literally thought I was going mad at one point.   I finally got over that and was gearing up to get to working out again, when something happened yesterday.  I took a Rock Climbing 101 class at Fire & Water, and I have been so excited about this for weeks.  I went through the class on knots, safety, and the history of climbing, learned a lot and did really well.  Then I got suited up in a helmet and harnass and went second to this really experienced guy.  I got about a third of the way up the easiest wall they have, which is a 5.4, and my left knee went out.  Looking back I realize I actually handled it really calmly, since I couldn’t let go to put it back in place.  I did get it right back in, though I’m not sure how, and they let me down.  Luckily I was toproping, so it wasn’t like I had to climb down.  I’m hooked on climbing, both so I can get up that wall, beat this challenge, and also because it’s really intellectual to see where to go next, which to grab next, what would work best.  So the dilemma is how to climb, and keep climbing, and not have to worry about my knees.  My first step is to talk to a doctor I work for to see if they make a flexible knee brace that will allow me to climb but also keep my knee in place.  I want to have a doctor order it for me so my insurance will pay.  Then it’s going to be, from what I can tell, several months of intense training.  I need to strength train my legs, upper body, and my wrists and hands.  I need to do some serious stretching to get some flexibility back.  And simply to try climbing til I get it.

I have my thrummed slippers half done, as in I have one done.  I will start the second one this Tuesday.  The felted slippers that were supposed to go on the outside ended up too big after felting.  I have the idea to cut the sole from that slipper and stitch it to the bottom of my thrummed slipper to add padding and protection.  Started a lace shawl last night.  I really just felt the need to knit some lace.  I’ll probably set it aside for a few weeks though so I can hopefully work on my felted bag and my mom’s capelet.


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