Various sundries

So, a list of some various sundries:
1. The Schedule – The planner is helping.  I confess that I haven’t been looking at it every day, and unless I do, I won’t come to depend on it.  In terms of simplifying, my schedule does seem to be opening a little.  I’m currently not singing on the praise team for the forseeable future, which I have  to say is nice.  I now have my Thursday nights open.  That gives me Tuesday and Thursday nights, every other Saturday, every Sunday afternoon really. 
2.  Currently fighting a very nasty bug.  Taking some very high powered anti-biotics and it is helping but I haven’t been this sick since high school, and it’s been at least that long since I’ve taken anti-biotics.  So much for any cleaning or accomplishing anything because I’m just happy to be able to breathe.
3.  I believe that the Right’s accusation that Pres. Obama has no diplomatic experience has been proven true.  Plenty of people who support him say that the fiasco with the exchange of gifts with PM Brown is not a big deal or is good because we don’t apparently want to be in good standing with Britain.  Let’s not forget that PM Brown can now go to his top CEOs in his country and tell him to stop trading with the US.  Don’t export goods, stop importing goods or parts.  He can tell them to get them from China or Japan.  I don’t think most people know what that will do to our economy.  Let’s also not forget what message it sends to our other allies.  Of course, Obama could simply be snubbing Britain in order to kiss Iran’s rear. 

More on all this when I actually feel better.


One thought on “Various sundries

  1. Ick, so sorry you’re sick! I’m glad you’re getting your schedule under control, though, that’s something I really need to do too. And I couldn’t agree more about our President. Excuse me, who thought that was a good idea? What’s really got me going now is his sudden 180 on his economy rhetoric. A week and more ago it was doom and gloom and we’re all going to DIE!!!!!!OMGWTFBBQ!!! and now it’s hey, things are cool, everything’s under control, no really nothing’s wrong…

    Do you watch or listen to Glenn Beck? I think you should. I’ve become addicted. He talks *gasp* sense!

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