So, the grandparents are coming today.  One of them will be incredibly helpful by helping us redo some of the wiring in our basement, which is not at all safe right now.  I think the angels who have been camping out here in droves since we bought the house to prevent a fire would possibly like a little break.  The laundry room light, for instance, was wired with tiny 1-2 in pieces of bare wire that the previous owners had saudered together.  Not to mention that the entire basement is on 1 fuse and only 1 fuse.  The other grandparent will probably try to get on my computer, and she’s not very computer savvy, and will probably yell every 5 minutes for us to come and watch some “funny” video on youtube.  Notice that funny is in quotes there.  Because Austin and I have a very dry, British sense of humor, and she doesn’t.

Back to the current dilemma of the schedule from the Seventh Circle of Hades, after I wrote that blog post, I went to bed and snuggled up to my DH and told him about it.  He has been thinking the same thing as well, that something has to give.  What, he doesn’t know either, but he has been really trying to figure something out as well.  At least I know with both us on board, something will happen.  Any time I’ve tried to get something through (like my massive declutter a year ago) without him being on board, it gets bogged down and causes some tension.  As long as there is hope, I can keep on til we find a solution.


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