Blogging challenge

Over at Reclaiming the Home (Rav link), they have set a blogging challenge.  Blog every day until the end of March.  Not only to set the habit and help us all be better friends to our blog but to also stir those creative juices.  I mean, afterall, this is more than my vent, and back when I posted all the time, I covered my crafts, my life, and my loves and really enjoyed it.  Currently this challenge brings to mind something I’ve been pondering a lot lately.  My very busy schedule.  Currently, my schedule actually means that I have Tuesday nights off every week, Thursdays every other week and sometimes on Saturdays.  Considering how involved we are at church, that takes up Sunday mornings, every other Saturday afternoon, Monday nights, Wednesday nights, and every other Thursday night.  Then there’s going to martial arts/workout on Friday nights.  Working 40 hours a week.  I sometimes wonder how I got to tomorrow so fast.  But I’m beginning to feel the first tinges of burnout.  I really really need to simplify things in my life and slim down my schedule.  That seems to be a lot easier said than done.  With church activities, especially in leadership, you have a nagging feeling that if you step down from something, somehow you’re letting everyone down.  I’ve been praying a lot about this lately.  I currently am being attacked by some nasty nose crud and I can’t help but wonder if it’s due to the fact that I simply am run down physically.  Of course, some part of my mind tries to cook up some daydream that when I’m a SAHM and all, somehow the schedules will be calmer and simpler, but that’s simply not true.  I just won’t be driving to work and work can extend longer since work is at home.  One thing I used to do in college would be to make a color coded excel schedule sheet, very visual, so that I could see how my time was blocked out.  I’m going to try and do that now though I think the results will probably scare me.  Plan to post on my progress tomorrow!


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