Single’s Awareness Day

So, today is Valentine’s Day.   Another Hallmark® Holiday, as in Hallmark created the holiday in order to sell cards.  But don’t tell the Saudi’s about that part.  Apparently it’s a pagan feast.  Anyways, I say even as a married person, I don’t like this holiday.  Afterall, it’s yet another day that everyone expects you to spend money.  And honestly, even if you aren’t single who hasn’t felt the sting of a co-worker or friend getting flowers or chocolates and not getting any yourself.  To me it’s just a waste of time.

On a better note, I did at least get yarn today.  DH even went in the store with me and claimed me as his wife!  Miracles do happen!  I got some fabulous bamboo/wool blend for an entrelac scarf and a skein of sock wool.  I love that sock yarn does not count towards the stash.  Because I may not need another scarf, I will always need socks.  🙂  I also bought Trauma Center 2 at Circuit City, as the company is going out of business and had everything on sale.  But yarn and games are always good.  Earlier in the day I actually worked on my sewing room.  I’m really excited because I finally have a plan for the room, which includes a very comfortable rocker in order to knit away from the tv when I need to.  As I make progress, I’ll take pics so there is a before and after.


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