Friday Friday

Well, it’s quite early.  Magnus is destroying yet another rope bone I got him.  He’s in a chewing mood and I gave him 3 chew sticks last night that he ate.  No more until tonight.  I need another huge rawhide for him.  Anyways, I have decided to go with paper on my planner.  Over on etsy, I found someone selling planners that had nice fabric covers over them, thus similar to what the Lazy Organizer had for her first planner.  This has many advantages.  1) If the type of planner I get doesn’t work, as in a weekly planner, I can always get a different one to slide into my cover.  2)  It’s much much cheaper since we all know what a huge fabric stash I have and I can go for one of the much cheaper ugly planners since I plan to make it beautiful.  Kinda The Devil Wears Prada only with planners.  And mine won’t leave me in the end.  3)  At the end of the year I can simply throw out the old planner and put in a new one.  4)  Did I mention that it is waaay cheaper than buying an already pretty one?  The cheap part is what I’ve really been pushing with DH and it has been working.  I’ll probably not have to use my allowance on a cheap one, where as I’d have to use my allowance on a $20 one from BAM.  Yay!!  This brings me to my next part, glass bead making.  And because I will have my allowance next week not spent on a planner, I will be able to buy up the few things I need to start making glass beads!  I have my torch, some glass rods and my fiber blanket.  Now I just need to get the mandrels, bead release, graphite shapers and a piece of aluminum to cover the area of the workbench I’ll be working on to prevent house fires.  We all know house fires are bad and I am nothing but a safe pyromaniac!


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