Untangling my schedule

OK, so I entertained myself earlier by heading over to one of my favorite blogs, The Lazy Organizer, to peruse any new ideas or tips she may have.  Of course I was checking out her craft room section and got some fabulous ideas to finally dive in and get my craft room functional, after almost a year of being hidden in shame.  It should be a comfortable, warm place for me to craft with plenty of room and safeguards to keep it from becoming out of control messy.  Next I went through her other sections and found myself on her office and scheduling section.  And the evil little voice in my head that I normally ignore because I know that 85% of the time I’m doing my best came out.  And pointed out not only my fetish for having 500 million different planners and ways to track my schedule, but also my inability to actually stick with using them.  It’s like saying I’ll be good and balance my checkbook every week and noting every single purchase in my checkbook, and then after a month, relying on my online banking and never using it.  So what will work for me?

My cellphone is a Moto Razr, and it’s alright but not the easiest for inputting appointments and adding notes.  I have a much older PDA (an HP PocketPC) and it works great, when it doesn’t reset itself and I loose every single thing on it.  That is getting old, fast.  I have adjusted to a bigger purse so I guess a paper one wouldn’t be bad, as long as I didn’t stop using it after a month.  You know, the ones that are a mini-3 ring binder don’t work for me.  Too many sections to play with and usually too easy to ignore the actual date section.  The little pocket ones are too small, and the areas to write in don’t allow for one appointment, much less all the others we have.  Also paper ones are no fun when things change and you try whiting out because you need to preserve as much space as possible.  Plus I don’t want it to look like it belongs to a pickle-faced old crab, ie I want one that is cute or fun or jazzy in some way.  I really really like Outlook on the big PC because it has pop reminders and you can minimize it to the task bar.  Plus you can plan things way in advance, use multiple colors and really see it organized.  But I can’t take the desktop with me anywhere and would have to remember something long enough to get it home to the desktop.  So, as with anyone with my kind of brain, all these choices overwhelm me, and I have no desire to actually find something!  And so, I have decided to create a poll, and get results, and weigh pros, cons, and cost and we’ll see what happens.  To take my poll, simply click the face.



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