Slowly but surely

So I am revamping the blog.  I enjoyed the dark theme but wanted something brighter for now.  Might have something to do with the 1/2 in of ice on everything this morning, on the trees, roads, power lines.  Church was even canceled, and church is never canceled.  I’m still in my PJs, working on knitting projects and trimming Magnus’s toenails that are far too long.  I ended up cleaning the entire house, minus two rooms, yesterday.  Still searching for another job.  The woman who is in charge of medical records just put in her notice.  I’ve already asked to move to that position in the hopes that it will buy me some more time to find a better job.  I’m just hoping and praying they’ll give me a small pay bump to take the position.  But knowing the people who run that place, I doubt it.  They’re the kind that will cut costs to death and still want the same production.  One reason why I want out of there.  But I won’t be dealing with patients quite as much, which limits how irritated I can get with the doctors’ insane demands.  I also can leave my desk a little more without incurring the wrath of the Old Fart from on high.  We’ll see if this works out.  I just know that I really do need to make a little bit more so we can pay off these students loans a bit faster.

On the knitting front, I’ve kinda slowed down.  To be honest, the baby sweater that I’m working on for pay is not really moving at all.  About halfway done on the body.  But I just can’t bring myself to work on it.  Not sure if it’s boredom or something else but I would give anything to tell the woman that I just can’t do it.  And that makes me truly wonder if I would be any good at actually trying to make money off of knitting.  After all, in the time I’ve been avoiding that baby sweater I’ve knit a intarsia hat, pair of mittens, my first clapotis, a tribble, another scarf to sell, half a pair of baby socks, and probably some things I don’t remember.  I’ve been turning out projects left and right, just not THAT project.  How do you get over these kind of humps in knitting?  Seriously, this is verging on leaving ridiculous behind and going towards pathetic.


2 thoughts on “Slowly but surely

  1. I know what you mean about the commissioned knitting. The mittens I’m supposed to be making for a friend’s parents are seriously stalled. I just can’t face them. Finally picked them up while watching the inauguration with my office, but then I got to where I need to look at my notes to see what I did for the thumb, so stalled again. Isn’t it frustrating?

  2. I found while quilting that money is not the motivator, just the contrary. I had to find an emotional connection to the recipient; in your case, the baby, not its mother. Knit some snuggles into that sweater and it should fly off your needles. 🙂

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