Happy New Year!

Well, I’m still a horrible blogger.  First post since when . . . October maybe.  But things are going well.  In terms of the Days of the Office, I have pretty much had enough.  I’m sick of changing alliances and changing rules.  If it weren’t for the sweet patients that come through, and of course the thought of my DH, I’d probably scream.  I have applied for another job, thankfully.  It’s an entry-level chemist position at King Pharmaceuticals.  I am excited about it but I can also see myself working in this for a long time, and working my way up. 

In terms of knitting, I just finished my first Clapotis with the crack of the knitting world, Malabrigo.  And I have a few scarves that are ready to sell, and I have my etsy shop setup.  Just have to try out and take some glorious photos of my items and I can list them. 

I also have more bead-making supplies, including my torch.  Fire! Fire! Fire!  Yay!  Yeah, I know, most of you think I’m a pyro, and should probably not have a torch.  Too bad.  Got one anyways!  Hehehehe. 

Magnus is  now the big 1.  Still has some puppy tendencies but he is so sweet.  I love my son so much.

Hopefully, I will update again later next week.


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