Thanksgiving . . . yeah

So, I pretty much think that the first holiday of the season was uneventful.  DH and I survived my family.  Magnus wore himself out from the excitement of an overnight trip, but he handled himself really well.  At least I can pretty much count on him behaving himself away from home.  Personally, I feel like I’m drowning in laundry and housework.  I kinda understand how Yarn Harlot feels.  I want to just sit and knit.  I’ve almost finished my swap scarf.  Let’s not forget I’ve also managed to finish a stranded hat as well.  I don’t want to do housework, or clean except when absolutely necessary, like when I have no more clothes to wear.  Nudity is not an option.  It’s not that I’m lazy, I know that’s not it because I would simply lay and do absolutely nothing ever.  But no, I’m knitting.

In other news, I had a brilliant idea for an invention and I’d really like to experiment and work it out and patent it.  Now I know why you would need to sell your patent or really market it.  You’ll end up going into debt for half your life to pay the fees to apply for a patent.  Not actually receive a patent and maintain it, no that puts you in debt the other half of your life.  No wonder Nicola Tesla had no money despite all his inventions.


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