AWOL and I’m sorry

OK, OK, bad kitty, I know.  AWOL for over a month.  Left everyone wondering of my existence.  I really really am sorry.  Let’s start at the beginning.  First, I’m trying to deal with the UFO/WIP syndrome I seem to have (though it hasn’t gotten to the point of being a terminal illness).  Serious treatment involved a lot of knitting on the couch while DH plays Call of Duty 4 on Xbox Live.  Next, I had a great dawning moment of brilliance that I was unhealthy, and personally felt like a slob.  Now I know those of you who know me will probably scoff or even not care, but whether you are a slob or not, if you feel like one to me it means you might as well be one.  So I discovered SparkPeople and that is as addictive as Ravelry.  A lot of things to play with over there.  Basically its a website where you can track you’re fitness and nutrition and it tries to convince you to be healthy.  It’s actually doing a good job with me.

So I’m back.  It was kinda circular, but SparkPeople allows me to set “Other Goals” and knowing that I had left the blogosphere for a while, I added a goal to get on here at least 3 times a week.  Aaaaaand – I also have a ton of batteries now for my beloved camera, whom I have raised from the dead.  Pictures!

This is a Finished Object!!  Yes I know, it’s rare for me to see one.  Like a Yeti or something.  Anyways, this is for a darling new baby in my church.  It’s made with Swish DK from KnitPicks and its superwash but oh so soft and warm.

Also, I will be at homecoming next week, so if anyone else plans to be there (Go Tribe!) leave me a comment.


One thought on “AWOL and I’m sorry

  1. You’re back! Yaaaay! I’m glad you’re feeling better about yourself, I totally understand what you mean about feeling like a slob. I often find myself feeling that way.
    Your finished baby sweater is beautiful. I can’t go to Homecoming but I wish I could. Have fun!

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