An unexpected absence

OK, I promise that I have been meaning to get on here more, write more, and not leave people hanging.  But I honestly have not had time.  The friend we are letting live in our basement is on here a little, and I won’t pull the whole, get off cause I pay for it routine.  There has been a little hanging out with friends.  And surprise, I’ve also been trying to stay on top of housework, so my house is decently presentable.  Plus trying to clear out the horrendous landscaping mistakes of the previous owners.  My mom visited this weekend, and wanted to “hit the town”.  Can’t say hit the city really.  I still don’t think of Bristol as a city.  A lot of the people here do, but it just seems like a larger town to me.  And finally, I have been knitting a lot!  I’m on the back of the baby sweater.  At this rate, I’ll finish in a month, and so I decided to take a detour into Swallowtail Shawl territory.  This is a big undertaking for me.  Lots of charts and lace.  And it is working up extremely fast!  No one told me that lace would be this addictive.  When it’s finished, which should be soon as I’m to the Lily of the Valley border, I’ll pick up the baby sweater again.  Sorry for no pictures, again.  I really need to remember those batteries.


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