And the VP choice is . . .

Sarah Palin!  Gov of Alaska, with real executive governing experience.  She is a lifetime member of the NRA, is pro-drill here drill now, pro-life, pro-guns and pro-God.  She was raised in a small town in Alaska and only left there during her life to go to college.  Wow, she sounds like one of those “bitter bible-thumping, gun-toting small town Americans” that Obama was talking about.  And now race is not the issue in this race.  She’s a feminine woman that can hold her own.  She’s young and makes up for what McCain lacks.  Not only that but every person upset over Obama’s comments about Hillary should be thrilled to still have a woman in the running.  I am thrilled with this choice and it definitely rounds out McCain’s ticket.  This is what I’ve been hoping for, not Obama.


One thought on “And the VP choice is . . .

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! Well, okay, maybe I could, because I have two slight reservations, those being the fact that she has a special needs infant and is still running for a high office, and the fact that the liberals who didn’t like to hear that Obama doesn’t have any experience will (and have been) now point their fingers back at McCain/Palin and say “Now who doesn’t have experience?!?!?” The first problem I can’t mitigate, but the experience I don’t see as being as much of a problem because she’s running for VICE prez, not prez. Other than those, I am really happy to see a strong woman of conviction on a Republican ticket. I think she has the potential to prove a lot of things to a lot of people. If McCain didn’t have my vote before, this might have tipped me to his side. It’s a savvy political move which shows that he knows what he’s doing in this game, but I also think it’s a good choice for his potential administration.

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