The characters of this story . . .

So let me introduce you to the characters of the story of my job:

Jyoshico – she is awesome and very easy going. I really look forward to working with her and I’m glad I ended up with her.

Michyo – she is the big shot. What she says from on high goes for everyone.

Mother Goose – another woman I work with, she is a mother to her kids. They’re only 19 and high school age. There may be personality clashes but you’ll have to wait to see.

Old Bat – this older woman only visits sometimes, but she is an avid Obama follower and I’ve been told to avoid any discussions of religion or politics with her. I’ve already encountered her argumentative side, so I want to be prepared if it starts from her.

Sweetie – one of the others I work with. She is a sweet and hard working woman.

I think that’s it for now, but there are others I just haven’t had a chance to really meet. We’ll see what happens in . . . Days of the Office!


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