battery death

OK, I wanted to post about my lovely zucchinis and herbs that are growing outside.  About how I had to “frog” my tomato plants and replant them.  And how its good I’m growing both in pots for the time being since my outdoor garden is totally unprepared and it is too hot to actually manage to work on my yard.  I tiptoed outside to my plants on the patio, hoping not to wake them in the early sunlight.  I turn on my camera, which is fabulous, and it dies.  Well, the batteries die.  And I have no more AA batteries in the house.  Mostly this camera is awesome, on new batteries.  And thankfully, on vacations, batteries are cheap and so, it dies, you pop new ones in.  Except I have no new ones!  I’ll attempt to describe the plants for you instead.

My zucchinnis are about 3-4 in tall and I think I see flower buds on them.  I’ve got stakes in the pot and will tie them to the stake when they reach 6 in or so.  I have some good basil, cilantro, and italian parsley going, with 2 teeny tiny lavender plants trying to make it.  I love growing stuff.  I just hope my tomatoes make it.  I really want tomatoes so I can make some awesome marinara sauce and season it the way I want.  I’ve made it before.  Its so sweet and I usually make mine a little spicy, it was fabulous.

On to knitting, this weekend, I managed to get a hold of Cat Bordhi’s book, A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting (raverly link).  It is like being in the mind of a genius!  The way she views knitting is so amazing.  I’ve started on the basic scarf pattern to get used to moebius knitting, but it brings such astonishment to watch as I create something, and I’m not quite sure how I’m doing it.  I also finished sock 1 of the Pomatomus (ravelry link).  And as I promised myself, to combat SSS (Second Sock Syndrome), I have started to cast on the second sock.  Magnus kinda made me stop, since he crawled into my lap and he’s awfully big at this point.  Hopefully, I’ll get going on the second one and actually have a pair out of this pattern.


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