Dogs on Thursdays

Well, raising and loving this dog of mine has been interesting. First, the cute factor seems to increase everyday. There is such intelligence in his eyes. He is aware of so much and has learned so quickly everything that I’ve taught him. He has also caused a bit of trouble. He doesn’t like DH and I cuddling, at all. He would prefer all our attention go to him. The other night, he decided to nearly chew the plug off a cord. And attack the carpet. He’s pretty much housetrained at this point which is good, so he’s not peeing in retaliation. That is always appreciated.

The newest toy: a simple tennis ball. He is absolutely fascinated by it. He can play with it solo, by dropping it, nudging it with a paw and then chasing it. It’s an easy toy for the hubby and I to use while we do other things. He can chase it for hours as we bounce it off the floor and walls. I really need to get Jerry and his pillow stitched though because he really loves those two toys. They have small holes and I honestly am not sure where Jerry is at the moment.

And for an idea of size:

My wonderfully smart DH had the brilliant idea of getting on the scale by himself, and then picking up and holding Magnus while on the scale. Our scale will calculate the difference and by this means will tell us how much Magnus actually weighs. Ready for this . . .

28.6 lbs. That’s right, he was 14 lbs when we got him about 2 months ago, and he has doubled his weight since that time. It’s all muscle and he is far from lazy. I’d say he will easily reach 65 lbs in the next 2 or 3 months. We’ll see. And that is all on the Magnus.

Doesn’t he look like his dad!


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