Work and more work

Well, the new job is under way.  In some ways it’s a lot of fun, a lot of interesting skills to learn.  Some ways not as stressful as previous job.  I have a set list of to-do, and that list doesn’t change.  Even when it gets slammed, it still means I don’t have any more to do than what is on the list.  And I am a lot less stressed.  There are some interesting people that work there.  Of course the lack of internet there is really horrible.  No blog updates, no ravelry surfing, no email checking.  I’m going to miss all my internet surfing.  I’m really going to miss reading on Obamalamadingdong’s latest gaffe.  Or what new bogus climate change theory or doomsday prophecy the media has put out.

Knit Note:  I have around $100 to spend on yarn-y goodness for my b-day.  I just can’t wait to go shopping.  I will have about the same for clothing shopping.  I’ve almost got a Pomatomus sock done (link opens to Ravelry.  Sorry for those still waiting to get in)  and I’m going to get yarn and beads for the Swallowtail Shawl KAL over at Fashionably Late in ’08 Blog.  Really looking forward to diving in to a full blown lace project.

Dog Tails:  Magnus is great.  He’s probably gained a couple more pounds, and proved my idea of his goodness wrong by chewing he end of the plug for the gas logs.  It wasn’t plugged in, and now shouldn’t be plugged in.  I think he was jealous.  He doesn’t like Mum and Dad smooching, cuddling, or otherwise hinting that we love each other instead of only loving him.  He did this, right near us, while we were cuddled on the couch watching National Treasure 2.  Which was a fabulous movie!  Yay!  Plot, acting, cleanliness of language and body, and worth watching.  But at least Magnus should now know to avoid such cords so he won’t get fried by chewing one actually plugged in.


2 thoughts on “Work and more work

  1. Huzzah for new job, even though there won’t be as much downtime. Thaaaank you for sending me the Daily Show link! I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise. I just lurrve James McAvoy.

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