Puppy Love


It’s time for . . . dramatic intro music . . . Monday Musing! Except it’s Tuesday. It would be Monday if I flew to Japan at this minute. So we’ll pretend . . . I’m in Japan. Surrounded by kimono, good anime, mounds of sushi and rice.

Puppy love. I usually think of the term used to describe two pre-adolescent youth playing at the game of love. Holding hands, then pulling away in embarrassment, possibly stealing a kiss on the cheek if the other person has had their cooties shot. Or of course, in this day and age, sneaking into a hidden corner to have sex. But that’s not what real puppy love is about. I have recently “given birth”/adopted a now 5 month old puppy. He is a Labrador/Boxer mix, which means he is extremely affectionate. He needs human companionship. But his love is absolute and unswerving, even when I have to spank his bottom for peeing on my shoe in retaliation for me spanking his bottom. Shortly after this round of spanking, he’s back to showing his love for me, playing and licking and wallowing in general.

Today in particular was such a clear example of his selfless, devoted love. I had an interview this morning, picked up some flowers to liven up the front stoop, and set to work as soon as I got home planting them in a container. When some sprinkles signaled a break, I came in to peruse my newest book purchase, At Knit’s End, by the Yarn Harlot. Laying on the couch as I read, out of nowhere, he leaps at full speed onto my chest and proceeds to lick my entire face. I had to keep remembering to not laugh out loud because he’s already proven he’ll lick the inside of my mouth if I open it. It was so funny, eyes and mouth closed, feeling his cold nose sniff my eye, and then his warm tongue lick my whole face, ears, neck. It struck me as so sweet, so affectionate. He is a bundle of 1001 laughs rolled into one medium dog. What would it be like to live with that kind of love everyday? A love that doesn’t ask questions or have conditions, but simply is?

And for my own happiness . . . more pictures of Magnus.

Magnus Magnus

3 thoughts on “Puppy Love

  1. He’s too adorable! I kinda wish I had a puppy, but then I remember how much attention and care they require, and I realize that I can’t handle that at this point in my life…

  2. I had to keep remembering to not laugh out loud because he’s already proven he’ll lick the inside of my mouth if I open it. << that was my quote I was eweee … It seemed to take it out,and I’m a dork. Just sayin’

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