Ranting . . .

So, I, in general, do not mind the inspection sticker every year for my car. Generally, it has let me know of upcoming repairs to save for and that my car won’t suddenly explode while I drive it down the road. But there is one aspect I do not like. If you pick a place to check your car, and said place finds a problem, they can then pretty much corner you into letting them fix it. Which is not always a cheap thing. One year, I was told that a fog light was out. Friggin expensive, and I’m not quite sure that the fog light has to be operational. Even if its a windshield wiper, your option is to:
A. Have them replace it no matter the cost
B. Have them fail your car, and you have 15 days to get it fixed and re-inspected. Your car at this time can only be driven to a repair place, and to an inspection place.
C. Get rid of the car.

I’m just a little antsy at the moment because the place that currently has one of our cars has not called yet. So, are they still working on it, and if so, does that mean I’m paying for nearly 6 hours of labor?!

And, just got the phone call! Crapoli, it will be $600 worth of labor and such. Makes me want to cry. I think I’m going to go fall asleep for a while, and maybe make myself feel better. Too bad I don’t have any hard liquor.


One thought on “Ranting . . .

  1. Honestly, people fall into this trap all the time. It’s your right to ask to be shown what has to be fixed on the car. Ask for full credentials on parts and bills, and haggle with them to take it down.

    But honestly, if its that much something seriously has to be wrong with you car, ask to be shown and given a tour of your car with the mechanic. If they decline, just say your calling the business borough and they will change their minds in a snap. Good luck!

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