So, it feels really weird to be done.  I’m on official leave of absence to find a job, and I’m looking but not seen anything I can tell God is telling me to go for.  I won’t rush it because I have time.  I still get up with DH and pack his lunch.  Then I usually piddle a little, and go to BAM when they open to have a cup of coffee and read for about an hour.  Usually see my friend H there and chat a bit.  Head home, and unpack/clean the house some.  I’m hoping to get a bigger dent in the kitchen today.  Bathroom is done and bedroom mostly done except for clothes that need washing.  I will probably finish my step-dad’s vest and get it ready to mail and then knit for a bit until DH gets home.  Then it will be supper time.  I need a shower though and a friend may be popping over. . . . or a couple of friends.  I do have pics to post, so I may get those put up tonight if DH goes to help mix their new CD.  And that is about all.


One thought on “LOA

  1. Stand tall sweetie. I just went through this in Sept/Oct 07 and found little miracles can be found hiding right around the corner. You just have to really put yourself out there. Every job change should be seen as a way to improve not only your income but self.


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