News . . . and blues

Maybe I should take a drink before I say this. . . Nah, ok.  So the news is, I found out on Tuesday that my company is doing away with my position.  And I have until June 30 to find a new job.  I am not worried, and I have peace and know God’s got me covered.  But mentally I’m really just . . . stuck.  I really thought I’d be where I am until I have a kid, and by then, because we planned, I would have been slowly easing out of the workforce, and we would have our finances situated to the point of allowing me to be a SAHM.  Of course, I can go somewhere else and see this happen pretty much in that order.  But its still strange.  I’ve seen several jobs.  Nothing really thrilling and I’m really just not sure which direction to take.  Oh well


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