Newness . . .

Well, waking up in the new house was a little disorienting.  First of all, I wondered where in the world I was.  Second, it is so quiet, we have to have some form of noise just to go to sleep.  This should adjust and go away but for the time being, it’s a little unnerving.  You can hear the silence.  Thirdly, I am feeling better but yesterday was very overwhelmed.  I think I can get it all unpacked and reorganized now though.

In honor of newness, and being disoriented, I’ve created a survey.  Link is to the right at the top of my sidebar.  This is to give me a better idea of what kinds of patterns to write and what to plan on.  Please take the time to fill it out.  I’ll leave this up for one month and then go from there.  Hopefully this will also give me time to get my craft room situated.


One thought on “Newness . . .

  1. I hope your craft room is amazing!

    I totally relate to hearing quiet. OR maybe it’s being able to hear myself think.

    I sleep with an air purifier on in my room, and when I’m camping I really miss that noise! Crickets just don’t work. But the night sky without light polution makes it almost worth it. 😉

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