Happy ASPCA Day everyone!

So, I didn’t get to wear orange today, since I don’t own any orange that I can wear for the “nicer business casual day” that they have declared for the big wigs that are visiting (the only orange shirt I have is from blowout and says in japanese “I want to drink sake”, not really appropriate and yes there is someone here who can read it). So in honor of this: All text for today will be orange. OK, I know, not as cool but hey, its the best I can do. So, I’m feeling tired today. Definitely having knit withdrawals. As we were warming up for worship last night, I stood with my knitting to get some in, almost finished another lovely gauge swatch. I feel such an urge to knit/crochet, that I may have an overload soon and shut down, simply from the creative pressure building up. It’s crazy! Also, please be praying. We have to be moved out in 3 days, and we have one room of 6 mostly moved. I’ll be packing tonight which will give me a needed break in terms of the house. But its still packing. yuck!

Finally, I leave you with a funny animal video and a video from Cat Bordhi who is not only crazy but completely a genius when it comes to knitting.


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