I give up!

So, last night I get home from work, and find out we’re having Hamburger Helper.  In my house, I can’t stand DH’s fav HH and he can’t stand mine so we just make our own favorite and have lots of leftovers.  It works.  But of course, since mine does not involve just meat cheese and carbs, but actually has onion and non-french-fry potatoes in it, I have to make it myself.  That’s fine.  I eat and read on my new book, Shopaholic takes Manhatten, and he shoots people on R6 Vegas 2.  Then he starts loading the car, and off we go to work on the house some more.  Needless to say, we have less than a week to be fully moved.  My job is to fight with the hot water heater . . . again.

And at this point I give up.  I am mechanically inclined when it comes to tools and pipes and wiring.  I’ve replaced outlets and helped both grandfathers remodel and build.  So I think I can stop a leak.  Basically the setup is on the output of the hot water heater in galvanized piping, is a bell reducer to what is apparently a nipple to a union.  It was leaking out of the bottom of the bell reducer.  My idea last night was to get a nipple, read short bit of pipe, that was about half an inch longer.  But I couldn’t get the bell reducer pipe setup to unscrew enough to come off the hot water heater.  But I did get it unscrewed pretty far, so I put some teflon tape on the sucker and tightened it all up.  So far so good.  Turned on the water.  No leaks.  I’m doing a happy dance.  Of course the true test is the combination of water pressure in the pipes plus heat from the hot water heater, so I turn on the hot water heater and wait.  No leaks.  Decide to go finish painting and check back later.  The crucial problem has been that turning the bell reducer also turns the short bit of pipe, causing it to unscrew from the union.  Well, by the end of last night, the tiniest bit of water was sliding out of the bottom of the union.  I decide to unscrew the bell reducer just a fraction.  A smidgeon.  No luck, the bell reducer starts to leak.  So at this point, the hot water heater came, it saw, it conquered.  It should be fine, but to be honest, in my rage, I decided to caulk the thing.
Its enough to pull your hair out.


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